Car fleet

The Stehno spedition s. r. o. is a constantly growing company which in present owns a large car fleet of top level models ensuring not only perfect safety for all the transported shipment, but also speed and flexibility of the transportation throughout Europe.

At the time, our company owns 24 Mercedes Sprinter cars.

This concerns unique deliveries almost of the size of a truck equipped with a number of safety devices and sophisticated cargo fixing system which also helps to avoid the influence dynamic forces and ensures maximum comfort for the transported package. The Mercedes Sprinter is a better choice - one of the most popular and appreciated cars in its category, their capacity is up to 1.3 tonnes and can carry 6 to 8 pallets with a load of up to 230cm in height. All this combined with professional and experienced drivers gives you the assurance that your shipment arrives in time and undamaged.

Another advantage of these modern cars is relatively low power consumption, which is reflected in the overall price of transport, and thus is beneficial to the client. What is more - the cars are always new or at most 4 years old.


8x Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI/XL

- 7 euro paletts
- capacity 1,3t


4x Mercedes Sprinter

- 7 euro paletts
- capacity 1,3t



6x Mercedes Sprinter 319

- 8 euro paletts
- capacity 1,3t



6x Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI/L

- 8 euro paletts
- capacity 1,3t
- height 2,3m



Ford Transit Custom

- 3 euro paletts
- capacity 950kg
- height 1,35m  



Mercedes Vito

- 3 EURO paletts
- capacity 1100 kg
- height 1,25m



Mercedes Benz V-BRABUS

- luxury version
- for 7 persons
- trasfers to airports, hotels and business meetings across the EU only for our VIP customers and their business partners